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SCRATCH 4 ALL is a project for children in the 4th grade of the 1st cycle of basic education, based on the Scratch programming language, which allows the development of logical thinking, through the possibility of solving real world problems in a creative and motivating way, not only focusing on computational reasoning, but mainly on the aspects of design, planning and implementation.  Create, train and promote, in each municipality, a project that aims to stimulate children and young people to specific areas of interest, according to their environment, developing skills, not only in programming, but also in areas such as environmental sustainability, citizenship, road safety, health, financial education, among others.



CASPAE is responsible for all the dynamics of the project and the partnership, making every effort so that the objectives are achieved and the goals are attained. It is also responsible for all the administrative and financial component of the project, assisted by the partner INOVA RIA.

INOVA RIA will be trained, in the first year of the project, to replicate the methodology in its territory of intervention (municipality of Albergaria-a-Velha).

After this training, it will implement, from the 2nd year of the project, the Scratch on Road activities and Programming and Robotics Labs (3rd year of the project), fulfilling the defined goals.


By major areas, the project includes material and immaterial activities such as

- Dynamization of sessions in schools by monitor to be hired for this purpose;

- Equipment (computers -12 pc and 3D printing -1 pc)

- Platform of pedagogical resources

- Evaluation of the project

- Monitoring and dynamization of the project


Access the project's platform at: