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    Wavecom - Associado Inova-Ria
    25 Jan 2023

    Our Associate Wavecom was highlighted in Diário de Aveiro

    Has a history of over two decades and is an Engineering company, with a strong Integration and Development component, which supports a portfolio of solutions in the areas of: Wireles Networks and Unified Communications.
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    12 Jan 2023

    Inova-Ria in the Microelectronics Agenda

    Inova-Ria is one of the members of the consortium, leading the WP of State of the Art, Communication and Dissemination of Results. With its goals to be met, it is in a phase of contracting and completion of technical annexes fundamental to meeting the objectives. 
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    A Inova-Ria esteve hoje presente na reunião anual da AICEP
    10 Jan 2023

    Inova-Ria was today at AICEP's annual meeting

    Invited by AICEP, Inova-Ria participated today on AICEP's Delegates annual meeting with the purpose of planning the next actions regarding internationalization projects. 

    The initiative took place today at Centro Cultural de Belém, in Lisbon(...)

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    Associados da Inova-Ria estão prestes a acolher alunos da EPA
    06 Jan 2023

    Inova-Ria associates are about to welcome EPA students

    Under the Training-Qualification 2022-2025 program, Inova-Ria signed a protocol with the Aveiro Professional School, which aims to participate, effectively and in a real context, in the training of trainees coming from this school, namely in the(...)

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    04 Jan 2023

    Inova-Ria actively participates with its associates in the promotion of...

    Within the scope of the strong partnership with Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão de Águeda da Universidade de Aveiro - ESTGA-UA, Inova-Ria's HR Department was present today at the institution starting at 4pm, with the purpose of disclosing to(...)

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    Conciliar tecnologia com os Objetivos de Desenvolvimento Sustentável
    02 Jan 2023

    Inova-Ria challenges EPA students to reconcile technology with the Sustainable...

    Continuing the partnership between Inova-Ria and AEVA / EPA - Aveiro Professional School, we challenged today, the students of Education, to analyze informally the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and how technology and innovation can play an(...)

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    22 Jul 2022



    COTEC Portugal held, on the 28th and 29th of June, the COTEC INNOVATION SUMMIT, in Aveiro.

    Inova-Ria, as a partner of this event, was part of the 1st panel today with "Knowledge, companies and innovation networks" - the role of associations(...)

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    20 Jul 2022

    Inova-Ria participates in the XVIII JOIN - Informatics Conference at the...

    Aiming to attract future qualified human resources capable of responding to the evolution and innovation needs of the Inova-Ria ecosystem, we were present yesterday at the Department of Informatics of the University of Minho, in Braga, at the XVIII(...)