M.S. Mendonça, Lda.

Based in Guarda, founded and working continuously for over thirty years, having changed its company name in 1996 to M. S. Mendonça - Equipamento e Material de Escritório, Lda.

Initially operating in the respective district, it has successively expanded its areas of intervention to neighboring counties.


The intervening areas are centered in the commercialization of Computer Equipment and Information Technology, having given origin to national reference partnerships in the Hardware components (Kyocera, Fujitsu, Dell, Lenovo, Canon, HP ...) and Software (Microsoft, Zonesoft, Wisedat, ESET,, Kaspersky ...).


The target market niche, aims essentially at: Small Retail, SMEs, Public and State Organizations, not neglecting the private customer.


The firm has a Multidisciplinary equipment, which safeguards a Specialized Technical Service, after sale.


With a personalized stamp, its motto is:

"Do not leave for tomorrow, what can be solved today"


Vitor Gregório