Data da Notícia: 
12/07/2017 - 14:00
O próximo TechDay@AlticeLabs, para o qual está desde já convidado, é o 90º Tech Day e será subordinado ao tema “VR, AR and Mixed reality – Supporting technology and business applications”
Irá realizar-se no próximo dia 19 de Julho (14:00h – 17:00h), no Anfiteatro da Altice Labs, em Aveiro.
The advances on VR, AR and Mixed Reality technologies have opened a new window of opportunities in a variety of domains as they allow to create innovative solutions in a wide set of areas of applications. Also, these technologies have become affordable to the consumers market and this has contributed towards a new trend that can be exploited by different business applications. The TechDay@AlticeLabs, focused on VR, AR and Mixed Reality will cover how one can empower people by making use of VR technologies to address global market challenges and boost business applications in different areas such as training and certification, health, education, or entertainment.
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