SIAC FP7, created and managed by Inova-Ria, promotes the creation of partnerships involving Portuguese ICT companies to the European 7th Framework Programme calls, through the funding of 100% of the costs regarding the elaboration and presentation of grant proposals, as well promotion to increase acknowledgement of the 7th Framework Programme.

European projects under the 7th Framework Programme represent an investment in R&D activities of around 50 billion Euros spread over the seven years of the program (2007-2013).
The participation of the Portuguese SMEs (small and medium enterprises) in the 7th Framework Programme is low, due to national structural factors, such as basic aspects of businesses and also its limited experience in these European consortiums. 
In order to counteract some of these historical data, Inova-Ria developed SIAC FP7, allowing the 7th Framework Programme to become well-known among the companies and also providing financial support in specialized consulting services to help prepare the grant proposals.
In total 10 companies associated with Inova-Ria were considered. The overall budget foreseen  could rise to a total of 4 million Euros. Two seminars have already been hosted by Inova-Ria in order to promote awareness about the 7th Framework Programme. They gathered several associated companies and other expert entities of FP7.
The SIAC FP7 project represents an investment of around 250.000 Euros and the participation of associated companies is totally free of charge.
Project Leader: Inova-Ria
Overall Budget: 240.761 €
Incentive Grant: 161.069 €
Start Date: 01/06/2012 
Duration:  24 months
Co-funding Entities: COMPETE | QREN | EU
Co-funding Entities: