SIAC Estrate-Ria

Estrate-Ria aims to improve competitiveness in the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and Electronics sectors, through the development of a combined strategy to pursue international markets, reinforcing the international representation of the cluster companies.

The project will benefit products and differentiated solutions with high value-added, which can have solid penetration in international markets; and ultimately transforming Portugal in an European success case in the ICT sector, taking the specific characteristics of the country to develop pilot projects.
The main goals of the project are:
1- Promotion of the ICT and Electronics sector in international markets;
2- Manage partnerships targeting the international market;
3- Organize ICTs offer by clusters;
4- Promote cooperation to help define ICT products and services for each cluster;
5- Set an organized and combined strategy to represent the technological needs of ICTs in each cluster, namely in its main business procedures and its value chain.
Working groups will be created to ensure the collective promotion and partnership management when defining ICT products to target the international markets, and also the development of a global offer  to each cluster.
Some of the outcomes of this project were CrowdRia, a crowdsourcing tool for the cluster members (, the development of prospective market studies and the establishment of an Inova-Ria lobby/antenna in Brussels. 
Project Leader: Inova-Ria 
Overall Budget: 153.628€ 
Incentive Grant: 143.615€ 
Start Date: 01-03-2012 
Duration: 24 months 
Co-funder Entities: COMPETE | QREN | EU
Co-funding Entities: