QuERIA was implemented by Inova-Ria and had as main goal the improvement of skills, innovation and competitiveness of 15 of its associated SMEs. The project has been acknowledged by the COMPETE (National Management Authority) as one of the Complementary Projects of TICE.PT - Pole of Information, Communication and Electronic Technologies (http://www.tice.pt).

This project supported and co-funded several initiatives towards innovation and qualification of companies, such as accreditations and marketing campaigns, achieving the following results:
- Quality Certifications: ISO 9001: 2008;
- Certification in Management Systems for Services of Information Technologies: ISO/IEC 20000;
- Certification in Information Security Management Systems: ISO/IEC 27001;
- Certification in Human Resources Management Systems: NP 4427:2004;
- Certification in Research, Development and Innovation Management Systems: NP 4457: 2007;
- Development of 9 Marketing Audits, 11 Marketing Plans, branding of 9 trademarks and elaboration of 9 Electronic Catalogues.
QuERIA also supported the creation of 15 high-skilled jobs to reinforce the Quality, Commercialization and Marketing processes in all participant companies.
Lead partner: Inova-Ria
Total Investment: 1.138.823,70 €
Incentive Grant: 600.568 €
Start Date: 01-04-2009
Duration: 36 months
Co-funding Entities: MAIS CENTRO | QREN | EU
Co-funding Entities: