Projeto Alvos Estratégicos

PAE (Strategic Target Project) is a large cooperation project managed by Inova-Ria. It is developing benchmarking activities, business missions and market research involving a wide network of companies and focusing in the most important clusters and international ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and Electronic markets.

The main goals are:
- Encourage competitiveness among companies;
- Develop the link between technology and consultancy companies in order to strengthen the management element;
- Create a network of technological and management companies that cooperate based on the needs and opportunities from significant economic clusters;
- Reinforce the link between the ICT sector and significant economic clusters and sectors;
- Boost internationalization of the Information, Communication and Electronic Technologies sector.
Project Leader: Inova-Ria
Other Partners:
Overall Budget: 745.669 €
Incentive Grant: 600.568 €
Start Date: 01-10-2011
Duration: 33 months
Co-funding Entity: COMPETE | QREN | EU
Co-funding Entities: