Aveiro Empreendedor

“Aveiro Entrepreneurial” brings together several institutions besides Inova-Ria: AIDA (Aveiro District Industrial Association), UA (University of Aveiro) and AGIR (Association for the Modernization and Revitalization of the Urban Centre of Aveiro).

The project operates in 5 priority areas: support to Small and Medium Enterprises; entrepreneurship in Higher Education; promotion of entrepreneurship in schools; promotion of an entrepreneurial culture; communication.

Project Leader: AIDA
Other Partners: Inova-Ria, Universidade de Aveiro, AGIR
Overall Budget: 901.622 €
Incentive Grant: 631.135 €
Start Date: 01/01/2011
Duration: 30 months
Co-funding entities: MAIS CENTRO | QREN | EU
Co-funding Entities: