Inova-Ria in Numbers

The Inova-Ria cluster currently includes 70 members located mostly (70%) in the region of Aveiro, with the remainder distributed among the regions of Porto, Coimbra and Lisbon, performing, all together, a turnover of 313 million Euros.

The total number of associated companies comprise the various sectors of ICT activity, namely, Telecommunications (10%), Information Technology (48%), Consultancy (20%), Electronics (10%), Communication and Marketing (6%) and Banking (4%) and employ more than 2300 workers with a majority (80%) holding higher education degrees.

The cluster overall invests annually more than 30 million Euros in research and development. The qualification of these companies results into 100 certifications in several quality international benchmarks.

Some of the Association's activities, given the several years of accumulated experience, are highly recognized by external entities. This applies to the identification and recruitment of human resources with high potential, in conjunction with several universities in the country which, since 2004, promoting around 800 internships and scholarships.