Inova-Ria Games

Inova-Ria organized for the first time the Inova-Ria Games 2013 ( in order to celebrate its 10th year anniversary. The goal was to gather employees, families and friends of every cluster company in a recreational initiative, promoting interaction and understanding among all and giving businesses and people the chance to get to know each other better. The main activities were cultural and technological-based, occurring outdoors in Aveiro. Inova-Rias’ partners and employees participated in interpersonal, inter-business, team building and leadership activities, fostering collective learning, individual creativity and social solidarity.

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The games were created by Paralax, an experienced company in this sort of initiatives. Alongside with Inova-Ria, they created a “time travel” theme, with a symbolic allusion to “Cronos” – a mythological Greek god.