07/02/2015 - 15:15
On 29th June was held the “Trends 2015: quality in SOFTWARE development and services” at PT Inovação in Aveiro, organized by Inova-Ria in partnership with the Portic, FEUP and, and sponsored by Strongstep.
This event marked the closing of ACTOR 2 Project from Inova-Ria, a project that supports companies implementing international quality standards for software engineering such as CMMI and ITMark.
Among the attendees were many prominent national and international specialists, who discussed the latest trends regarding services, quality and security in software engineering. Kirk Botula, president of the CMMI Institute, participated as a Keynote Speaker and talked about the direct link between capability and competitive advantage.
The event was also the place where Professor Raul Vidal from FEUP was distinguished with the award of Person of the Year in Software Engineering.