G9 Telecom, S.A.

G9Telecom is a Portuguese communication service provider company counting more than 15 years’ experience, offering fixed voice telecommunication services over TDM and SIP and IP broadband connectivity services for the residential and corporate Portuguese market. 
G9Telecom also developed the Telcobricks technology, which is available for service providers by means of an IP Multimedia subsystem (IMS) installed at customer premises or, as an alternative, as a fully dedicated hosted hardware and software platform where the technology is provided as a service “at the cloud”, with no capital investment is required. 
Your IMS solution interconnects with other carriers using SIP, SS7 and ISDN PRI, and handles Any-to-Any requirements (TDM to TDM, TDM to VoIP and VoIP to VoIP calls). It provides an extended range of features that will enable service providers to start up rapidly with complete focus on business issues instead of technological details. 
Telcobricks products are also both technically and commercially designed to overcome technological barriers, enabling Contact Centers to take immediate advantage of Telcobricks outstanding “Early voicemail detection technology”. Telcobricks products and solutions can be found at www.telcobricks.com. 
G9Telecom expertise in IP integrated solutions makes our company the ideal partner for those who seek for state-of-the-art and cost effective solutions.
Alexandre Dias