Associação ALMASCIENCE – Investigação e Desenvolvimento em Celulose para Aplicações Inteligentes e Sustentáveis

AlmaScience is an applied research organization focused on innovation on sustainable hybrid systems based on cellulose and other natural materials. One of the core activities of AlmaScience is on leveraging the IoTization of products and processes through the collaboration with start-ups, SMEs, Mid Caps and large companies in the development and deployment of devices and systems enabled by nanotechnology, advanced functional materials and/or printed electronics techniques.

AlmaScience aims to deliver ecologically, game-changing and universally accessible solutions in areas like: security, environment, health, brand protection, electronics, logistics, food or marketing.  Additionally, AlmaScience intends to foster the regional economy through the creation of highly qualified jobs, the promotion of scientific literacy, and the dissemination of the outcomes to the community in general.

Its R&D program is structured around 3 vertical, business/market – oriented thematic areas (point-of—need, smart packaging, security)  and a set of transversal areas (building blocks): paper technology, materials and processes, modelling, systems design, and  integration.


Carlos Silva